Launching of PEACE Nepal 2017

by Shafieza Hanem binti Sahrudin

7th February is finally here and it was show time!

The ceremony was started off with doa to seek blessings from the Almighty, followed by recitation of the Holy Quran. Our Director, Ahmad Muizzuddin bin Amir Malik, then delivered his speech along with a presentation of video from his previous Recce visit in January 2017. Later, Prof Dato’ Dr Mohamad Abdul Razak, President of CUCMS, was invited on stage to deliver his speech which he stated that he fully supports the PEACE Nepal mission.

There was also a gimmick after the President’s speech that tells the story of the recent earthquake that took place in Nepal. At the end of the gimmick, a donation box was passed to the President that indicates the launch of the Mission. The event ended by another video that tells more about our missions as well as our goals.

Overall, it was a successful launching despite all the problems and hardships.

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