Update Day 4 Recce

All praises to Allah SWT for giving us the chance to finish day 4 with great results. We started the day with visiting Madrasah Haramain at Lalitpur, Kathmandu. We felt very welcomed as the students stand in rows waiting for our arrival. We had plan on doing Aqiqah(buffalo slaughtering) and Sunathon(mass circumcision) in this madrasah knowing their suitable facilities to get the job done. They gave a positive respond to us and offered a lot of help to make the upcoming event a success. They can’t wait for our arrival in July.

We went back to hotel after the visit as we had promised to see Dr Birendra, a representative from Ttibhuvan University rector. We have contacted them beforehand inviting them to be involved in our mission. He came together with Dr Anurag also from Tribhuvan University and Dr Umesh, hematologist from Pokhara University. We are very lucky and honoured as they are willing to help us in our mission and also some good suggestions for improvement.

May our mission blessed and eased by the almighty in spreading love and PEACE to our brothers and sisters in Nepal.

For more information visit our website:www.twentiesforsmileyscucms.wordpress.com 16143806_1428731800470453_8855991774692246647_o


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