Update Day 3 Recce

by Ahmad Muizzuddin Amir


As for day 3, we met with brother Irfan Pokharel as the CEO of Human Development Association(HuDA) and Health Services Association(HeSRA).

HuDA is an organisation responsible for (newly-reverted muslims)muallaf welfare while HeSRA is responsible for helping the nepalese muslims in terms of building homes and distributing food to the needies. Both this organization h

With the guide from HeSRA we went to Dhading district where the houses were affected by earthquake in 2015. The journey took 3 hours eventhough it is just 75km away from Kathmandu. This is mainly due to bumpy roads and traffic jam.

We visited a small school in Dhading and took pictures. We also visited houses built by MyCare. We dropped by at a Madrasa(Islamic School) named Faizool Ulum for prayers. Fortunately they also served us very good food! May Allah bless them. This madrasah holds a 2 storey classroom building and a mosque where the students recite and memorize the Quran.

InsyaAllah we will be collaborating with HeSRA for a few projects and we planned on distributing donation sets(including basic needs) to the poor in this District.

#NepalPEACE2017 #Donate4Peace


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