Update Meeting with Embassy of Nepal!


by Alina Omar

On 17th January 2017, our recce team of PEACE NEPAL 2017 met with First Secretary of Embassy of Malaysia, Encik Ahmad Padhil Ismail at the embassy office of Malaysia in Lalitpur, Kathmandu. PEACE NEPAL recce team consists of our advisor, Dr Hazian Hamzah, our director Ahmad Muizzuddin, vice director Noor Alina Omar and our treasurer Wan Nursyafiqah.

We received strong support from Embassy of Malaysia that our medical related activities such as medical checkup, homeopathy clinic, physiotheraphy and psychology program are to be collaborate with well experienced NGO.

• Collaboration with NGO
o IMAN (Dr Kashim)
– Provide us volunteers, facilities and venue for Medical Checkup, homeopathy clinic, physiotheraphy and psychosocial programme for the earthquake victims in Kathmandu.

o Madrasah Haramain
– Provide us with venue for our Sunathon and Aqiqah programme.

o Islamic Youth and IMAN
– Help us in buying the donation kit and provide us the translators for our programme.

Embassy of Nepal will also help us to provide media recognition with collaboration of Islamic Youth.

We also would like to practise our homeopathy medicine which they lack in resource. We also receive support from our university homeopathy faculty.

The main concerns of Embassy of Nepal for the development of Nepali are their water source and shelter which had been badly
damaged due to the earthquake. Thus, one of our long term project is providing water pump to the villagers.

We also receive some suggestion to organise educational support program which are being conducted by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). However, majority of Nepali are not concerned with their education as their prior concern are to work to support themselves .

#NepalPeace2017 #Donate4Peace


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