​Tomorrow, We Love You!

By Aimi Amirah Afandi

 The Children are the future of tomorrow. Laos children hold the next development and leadership of the Laos near future. In this mission, personally being close to the children of Laos give me an opportunity to delve into the Lao children world and to see how intelligent and bright these kids are. They are creative, adventurous, funny, intelligent and fast learners. 

 On Saturday, July 16 2016, we have set up a colouring activity for children that come to our Launching ceremony. We provide to them a set of 24 colour pencil and a drawing book for each. They just show us how talented they are in colouring and mixing different range of colour. Although we don’t understand each other, but they always talking to us, and I just nodded and thumbs up if they show to me their work. Here at children corner, we don’t get translator as the translator are more needed in medical check up booth. So, I learn Lao instead to communicate with them.

 First, I learn how to ask their name, “Chao Seu Yang?”, now I am so happy to know their names. Then I introduce myself , “kháwy seu Aimi”. Now, we know each other name open doors for us to know each other more. On the afternoon, we play a giant see-saw together, they shout out numbers in Laos and we follow them, then our turn shout number in Malay and they follow us. It was a real fun and we realize that we learn so much that day from those little faces.

 On the next day, July 17 2016, inside Masjid Al-Azhar, we teach them Arabic alphabet. Thanks to Al-Baqiy method, they learn four arabic alphabet in a few minutes. How I miss so much to sing a song together with them before introduce them with the letters and play musical chair. Fortunately, this day we able to have a 14 years old boy that rather good in English for his age, translating to us and transmit our instruction to the kids. 

 Hussin, brother to An’amta, feeling inspired by our work while helping us translating. Live in a family of five siblings, and his father encountered with car accident two years ago, has lead this family to such difficult years. His mother, a housewife is taking a good care of their father while the siblings continue to study hard.

 Admiring our work, Hussin told us that one day he want to be somebody that can help people and bring happy faces to others. I reckon him to be a doctor, and he like my idea and said anything in medical line is his favourite.
We hope that these bright generations continue our Malaysian-Laos relationship in the future . Tomorrow, we can’t wait!

Figure 1: Children busy colouring. No one interested in taking picture.

Figure 2: Taqwa showed her beautiful colouring work of butterfly. 

Figure 3: Children are happy playing see-saw.

Figure 4: This brother had win their heart.

Figure 5: Children are happy learn Arabic letters using flesh card sponsored by Qaiser.


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