Spreading humanitarian and volunteerism among youth

​By Atina Kamal.

Vientiane, Laos 17 July. Majority of the muslim people in Laos had difficulty to seek medical attention due to poverty and lack knowledge towards the importance. In addition, hospital bills may exceed their budget. With the major traditional resource here in the Land of Laos, finding other alternative is not a problem. However it may not the best cure compared to modern medicine that has proven almost its benefits and efficacy.

Team LIFE 2016 has open up a free medical check up for the villagers of Vientiane Laos at the Neramit Restaurant.

With the help of the translator students from University of Health & Science Lao PDR, we managed to achieve our goal.
Here we managed to see volunteerism in an aspect that students volunteered to be apart of an organisation despite having a weekend all to themself. 

To be able to communicate and raised awareness not just to the people but also to themselves, students managed to gain the ultimate most expensive experience of practical rather than theoretical, one-on-one humanitarian crash course.

However, it takes time to possess such qualities to be a TRUE Humanitarian Volunteer. The students said that they will keep challenging themselves to become better and enroll to more missions to come.


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