​By Fatimah Dolah. 

Cyberjaya, 20 July 2016. Final round post-mortem program Laos International Family Endeavour [LIFE] 2016 marked the end of international humanitarian mission programme by CUCMS student. The programme was officially dismissed by certificate giving ceremony to the students and lecturers who involved in making the event a success by Prof Dr Abdul Latiff Mohamed, deputy president Academic And International Affairs And Research And Commercialisation. 

“Good job to all the team members for great efforts that have done. It is a life experiences that make us a true person. Throughout the years making preparation, it comprised with a composite skills that cannot be learn in class. Despite of being a busy medical students, always looking to accept new challenges even after every failures and difficulties.” Said Prof Latiff during his speech after post-mortem event. 

This year, Twenties For Smileys CUCMS conducted by a group of young medical students from various faculties was set to make a humanitarian mission to Laos including medical check up, donation kit distribution, health talk education, children books colouring session, aqiqah and community services.

It was proudly said that they have managed to accomplish the mission till the end. However, there will be a follow up from time to time for long term projects in Ban Phon Savattay such as mini library, English class and life skills workshop that involved other NGO’s to assist the projects there. 

After the post portem done, it was clear that all the team enjoy doing their job and learn many things throughout the mission despite of having many challenges and obstacles in completing their tasks. They believe that in a life experience, it’s not getting that A on the exam spent all night studying for, is an experience.

 Involving in humanitarian mission itself will instill all the skills necessary to get along in the real world that are only learned through experiences like how to hold a conversation, time management, networking and leadership skills. It’s all those skills that high-paying Fortune 500 companies value above all else today.

“We would like to thank and congratulate to each of everyone that making the mission a success.” Said Prof Latiff before he end his speech today.


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