Official Launching Ceremony

On Tuesday, 12th May of 2015, an official launching ceremony for Twenties For Smileys : MIRAGE 2015 had been done at main campus lobby.

This program had been officiate by Ybhg. Prof Dato’ Dr. Mohamad Bin Abdul Razak, our presiden of CUCMS.

During his speech for launching event, he stressed out the importance of voluntary work in young people. As he always said that CUCMS offers an outstanding programmes that offer attractive career paths. However it is on students creativity to create an environment to nurture their passion.

According to our deputy presiden, studied had been done in United Kingdom when they look into a group of people that an employee would like to give and offer them a job. The result was, seventy percent of employee said that the first dominator they look into is the volunteerism work of the candidates.

An organisation’s success lies in the hands of its people who drive it. Team of Twenties for Smileys proud in being able to provide the best opportunities who can enable the students to achieve their best potential.

We urge every young person to participate in our program to give a contribution to the university in order to nurture a good environment at the campus.

Growth means progress and progress often leads to success. Team work between all pillars of team enables the continued development of outstanding graduates who set new standards and serve as exemplary role models.

Out of all, hopefully Twenties For Smileys project’s can be a good platform to build a passion among the students and be a good contributor to the nation thus a comprehensive manner to produce holistic healthcare professionals who are excellent intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, suitable with our tagline :

We share, we love, we care”



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